Preneed Funeral (Pre-planning)

How to Plan a Preneed Funeral in Westlake.

There are many good reasons for planning a funeral in advance. The key advantage is that you (or the person you are helping to plan) get to decide the type of funeral rather than leaving it to someone else to make the choices.

Preplanning can help you control funeral costs by allowing you to set a budget and stick to it. You’ll have time to decide what products and services are most important to you and avoid making emotional purchases. 

What’s the difference between Preneed and Preplanning?

As you explore your options for planning a funeral, you’ll find a whole new set of terms that apply to your choices. The term preneed, means a type of arrangement where you pay for funeral products and services in advance. You enter into a preneed contract with Jenkins Funeral Chapel. You may pay us directly in a one-time payment or under an installment payment plan. 

When you preplan, you decide the type of funeral, cremation or burial you want, what kind of ceremony you prefer, and the products you would like. Your plan can be as simple or as detailed as you like. You leave the instructions with your loved ones, and they take care of the details when the time comes. There is no payment required to preplan. Of course, it is best to have funds set aside for your family to use, but you don’t have to do this through a contract with Jenkins. 

Preneed funeral contracts appeal to many people because they lock in the price of the funeral products and services they select at current prices. 

To start the process of preplanning your funeral you may contact us directly or click  "Plan Online Now".