Our Values (Mission Statement)

Mission Statement

At Jenkins our families want empathy, transparency, and trustworthy advice. Most of us will plan only a few funerals in our lifetimes. There's nothing to compare it to; not buying your first house or planning a wedding, especially if you're making these decisions immediately after someone you love dies. We deliver information and guidance in a manner that is comforting and supportive because that's how we want to be treated when it's our turn to say goodbye. Our mission at Jenkins is to make a difficult day in someone's life just a little bit easier. 



As neighbors, friends, and family members to those we serve, we strive to develop a high level of public trust and to give back to our community by supporting local charities, attending local events, and helping local community members who are making positive contributions.


Following the Golden Rule, we consider the well-being and shared interests of our families, clergy, medical professionals, cemetery staff, governmental agencies, co-workers, other funeral professionals, community, and local press when striving to create empathetic, win-win outcomes.


We conduct ourselves to the highest standards of integrity, competence, and professionalism in honor of the deceased and in service to their families, and we seek never to invoke unfavorable remarks or mindsets toward the funeral industry, our company, or our professionals.


Through honesty, kindness, reliability, and gratitude, we create a strong familial work culture, and thereby foster genuinely wholehearted and generous relationships with the families we serve.


Holding fairness and sensitivity in the highest regard, we honor, value, and respect every family we serve, regardless of creed, religion, socio-economic status, lifestyle and customs, sexual orientation, race, age, political affiliation, or physical disability.