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We are one of only six funeral homes in Cuyahoga County to own and operate a crematory on site. Our on-site crematory keeps the cremation affordable and safeguards your loved one’s identity and ensures they never leave our care.



Jenkins offers several burial options that can be tailored to fit any family’s needs. Earth burial is the most common burial choice in Northeast Ohio. Earth burial is defined as placing your loved one in a casket and burying them in the ground. When choosing earth burial, options to consider generally include your choice of casket, vault, cemetery plot and headstone or grave marker. You can also choose above ground entombment in a mausoleum, which is a building designed and maintained to be a final resting place.

Jenkins also offers green burial options. Green burials are free from formaldehyde, metal or concrete grave liners and burial vaults. To transport the body of a loved one, caskets, coffins or alternative containers made of biodegradable materials are used. Advocates of green burials take comfort in knowing their bodies decompose and become part of nature.


Value Added Services

We consider a number of our particular services to be value added services. The value is reflected in the cost, all our value added services are at no cost to the family. Timeless Images (No cost DVD), Boxcast (live video streaming), online memorials, customization of plans and services, documentation with government agencies, and guaranteed pre-arrangement services are just part of our many no cost and value added services.



Jenkins Funeral Chapel provides a wide selection of funeral and cremation merchandise to meet the personalized needs of all families. We exclusively use Matthews Aurora caskets, Wilbert burial vaults, Messenger funeral stationery and Victoriaville cremation products.

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Preplanning is considerate of loved ones - and ensures that your personal wishes are respected. Within a short time of your death, your loved ones may need to make more than 120 decisions regarding your funeral/cremation and burial. There is no better way to ensure that your arrangements reflect your unique tastes and preferences than to plan them in advance of need. Read more about our preplanning services.