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Payment Options

Losing someone you love is always an emotionally wrenching experience—and thinking about the financial ramifications can be similarly difficult. What matters the most is honoring the wishes of your loved one while also providing a meaningful way for you and your family members to grieve. To help make this possible, we require a deposit of 30% of the funeral or cremation and accept a wide range of payment options. The balance is then due 20 days after the date of billing.

Some of the payment methods we accept include:

  • Cash, Check, or Money Order
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) 
  • Electronic payments: Paypal and Zelle

Insurance Policy with the beneficiary’s consent. The policy can be used as payment for the funeral expenses. Insurance assignment is acceptable if the following criteria is met:

  • The policy is verified by us, and all documentation is signed preceding the funeral.
  • The policy is assignable and payable directly to the funeral home.
  • The policy must be non-contestable (if in the contestable period the policy will not be accepted as a form of payment).

It is our policy to provide funeral services to all those within our community, and we do not wish for anyone to be limited by finances; if financial hardship is an issue, we ask that you contact us to speak more about the options that we can provide.



The loss of a loved on can be devastating. While it's true that time can and does heal all wounds, the staff at Jenkins Funeral Chapel can assist you through the difficult days that follow such a loss with our Bereavement Outreach Program. Jenkins' staff has a long history of providing care to the westside communities. This website provideds numerous links to many Outreach Programs.


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Our Staff

Our finest and most integral resource is our staff. With over 50 years of collected experience, and family ties which go back generations, Jenkins' staff is able to serve the unique needs of each family which turns to us.

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Our Facility

Our facility combines the energy that families have entrusted to us for years while embracing the future with the newest technology available. Our facility includes large spacious rooms for funerals, or small intimate gatherings. Convenient on our property is also our crematory facility. No longer satisified with casket showrooms and cut away sections of caskets for display, we use Matthews/Aurora Casket Co. and their Family Advisor computer system to allow our families to customize their casket selection to fit any budget. Timeless Images, a trade marked program from Jenkins, provides a free DVD production of your family memories to be played during services and then as a keepsake to the family. Our facility also allows us to provide Boxcast (Live Streaming Video) of your funeral or memorial service via the internet through our secure website. With this technology comes the knowledge that families still desire to feel comfortable in their surroundings. Our facility was designed and decorated to feel like your home. Funerals were once held in your home, so our facilities reflect that feeling of intimacy.