About Us

For more than 75 years, the Jenkins Funeral Chapel has been guiding west side families along the path that best complements their individual lifestyle decision. Originally know in the community as Pease Funeral Home, the Jenkins family purchased the funeral home in 1954. We are Westlake's first and most recognized family owned and operated funeral home and crematory and the tradition continues into the fourth generation in the Jenkins family. Our legacy is one of service, our focus is one of commitment to you.

Six years after the first settler arrived in Dover, a small log cabin schoolhouse was built. All the children in Dover were located on the shore of Lake Erie just west of present-day Huntington Park. Dover was then one entire school district.

Population increased, however, and it was found desirable to create sub-districts. These were sections of the village, each served by a one room school in which one teacher taught all the grades and subjects. At on time there were nine of these districts, and one may still see several of the old sub-district buildings about the village. The one room school provided education only to the eighth Grade, and in 1845 a Dover citizen, John Wilson, established a private academy to provide advanced education for the young people of the community.

Jenkins Funeral Chapel has long and lasting ties to Westlake and surrounding communities. We operated the first ambulance service in Westlake, long before emergency services were available to our neighbors. We are committed to providing your families with the same kind and thoughtful, sensitive and honest service today as past generations of our families have provided to the community in previous years.